About Us

NZ Isolation Accommodation is run by Tomahawk, a tourism marketing company based in Auckland that has been helping accommodation providers, airlines and tour companies get noticed for well over a decade.

Like so many others, the Tomahawk team has watched in disbelief as the global COVID-19 pandemic claims precious lives, cripples economies and destroys livelihoods. While we can’t offer to help find a cure, create a vaccine or promise financial security, we’ve realised that we can harness our skills, our knowledge and our contacts to meet a need that can benefit the public, our clients, and our beloved tourism industry as a whole.

Our company mission is to make the world a better place. Yes, it’s big and bold for a marketing company—but we believe that participating in travel creates more compassionate and understanding human beings. While the tourism industry will take some time to recover and we are a long way from returning to ‘business as usual’, we continue to work hard for our clients and our company mission still stands: we hope that in a small way, NZ Isolation Accommodation can contribute to making the world a better—and a safer—place.

We love what we do, and we stand by our clients, our fellow kiwis and the ‘honourary’ kiwis who are calling New Zealand home for the foreseeable future. This service is 100% free, designed to support our tourism industry and those in need at this challenging and unpredictable time.