List With Us

If you have accommodation that is clean, comfortable and not currently in use, consider a free listing with New Zealand Isolation Accommodation. By doing this, you'll be helping people in need to self-isolate safely, conveniently and effectively.

  • There are no fees for listing with NZ Isolation Accommodation
  • There are no commission or transaction fees for bookings
  • This is a 100% free service to support the tourism industry and those in need

New Zealand Isolation Accommodation lists accommodation of all varieties in all areas of the country—rural, urban, coastal or remote. The only criteria are that in accordance with New Zealand self-isolation requirements, the accommodation on offer must be self-contained (this means it must have a dedicated bathroom and kitchen for use by the occupants only)—and it must have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to listing.

Isolation accommodation in New Zealand is required by people from all walks of life, with listings needed to cater to all budgets. 

Holiday homes, motel rooms, cabins, cottages and luxurious houses are all sought after options, and there is no limit on the number of different listings you can submit.

The goal is to offer as many options as possible across as many locations as possible to ensure nobody misses out.

Website visitors can browse listings to find an option that suits their needs, and after making their selection, they’ll be directed to book through your own channels, utilising your existing booking engine and reservation payment process. 

This removes the need for unnecessary complexity and allows visitors to experience a stress-free booking process.